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The CNPolitics Compilation is a quarterly journal on the politics and sociology studies about China, which is compiled from the archives of the CNPolitics website.

Redesigned since the year 2013, the seven issues—2013 Spring, 2013 Summer & Autumn, 2013 Winter, 2014 Spring, 2014 Autumn & Winter, and 2015 Spring—were under an incremental development both of the cover’s visual language and the body’s typography.

Firstly in 2013 spring, the grid system was rebuild from scratch for good readability on tablets or wider screens, based on the new visual identity. For the next issues in the same year, page size (ratio) was trimmed to fit 9.7-inch iPad screens, while the cover images started to be picked from Rijksmuseum’s library. Then the cover with front matter was redesigned by another visual language since the 2014 Summer issue.

The scheduled four issues of 2015 were to be published with a brand new cover design. For some personal as well as team’s reasons, only the 2015 Spring issue was accomplished, however.

The CNPolitics Compilation is free delivered online. In 2016, all the seven issues above were published on GitHub.